A question about people's faces and looks?

Has anyone noticed this.

Some faces are stunningly beautiful when you first look at them, but they become mundane quickly.

While some faces are not stunningly beautiful, they are just pleasant. But you never get tired of looking at them?

What causes this effect?


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  • There's a difference between beauty and interest. We might think a face is beautiful because it has ideal propotion or symmetry, however once we get past the initial overlook and begin to inspect deeper, we realize that no single feature is particularly beautiful, and they only look good as a whole. Once we stop viewing it as a whole we lose interest because there's nothing truly special to look at by itself. When we see a face that don't find as beautiful, it may not be ideally proportioned as a whole but when we look closer as individual features we might discover that when they're singled out, each feature is destinct and eye catching. We don't get tired of looking at these because if any certain feature is eye catching it draws us in and our interest stays peaked.


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  • Beauty is in the eye of the holder... Simple as that. xx

  • love my dear, LOVE ;p


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