Where can I buy short jeans?

like smaller sized jeans but theyll look normal jeans on me? you get me? lol its cause im 5 foot tall and have thick thighs and big waist so all jeans are really freaking long or to tight. what can i do about this?


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  • omg thats soo totally attractive how you have thick thighs. but you could more than likely go anywhere to buy short jeans. but that is very attractive of you having thick thighs

    • thanks legslover79 haha

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    • ohhh... ok nvm. lol this is why gag should do away with being anonymous so others can tell the real age of people. but i was wanting to simply chat but thats kool

    • umm it says 'under 18'

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  • Ok, NEVER EVER go to Abercrombie lmao, their shorts are like fit for 4 year olds-wtf?
    Hmmmm, there's always XL sizes. You can try any store really-Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, Nordstrom, Macy's, etc.


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  • Buy regular then cut them down and sew them! That way you'll have jeans that fit that no one else will have!

    I don't know I tried my best, but I'm sure they're sold everywhere!

    • they are really freaking hard to find! xD I usually shop at cheap stores like tj. maxx or target and its like impossible ughhh

    • Tj Maxx has very limited stock, try looking at higher end stores but not too high!

  • Try American Eagle jeans and if needed ask a worker to help find your perfect size.

  • you can buy short jeans everywhere fam, just go look for it, you get me fam?


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