What to do when I have a current job all day and have to go to an interview at another company?

I might soon have an interview at another company since the hiring process takes so long. I have been at my new job for about 2 weeks, and it is really slow... sometimes painfully boring. I work from 7-4 and that is when most companies will perform interviews, what do i do?


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  • You have a few options depending upon how honest you want to be. You could tell your employers that you have an interview. If that doesn't feel comfortable, where you've only been there for 2 weeks, you could use a sick or personal day for when you are calles to the interview. Will the interviewers contact your current place of employment? If it is a personal day, you shouldn't get in trouble, but if you take a sick day and your employers found out, they might not be thrilled. Good luck with your interviews!

    • I don't think they will contact them, but if they do then I have a good reason.

      So you think I should tell the new company to see if i can go there off-hours?

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  • Go for a "Doctor's Appt" that way you only miss part of the day. Set up the interview for the early morning or late afternoon, that way you can either show up late to work or take off early without your current boss being any wiser.

    Tell the job you're interviewing for that you prefer them not to contact your current employment as this would only make things awkward for you should they decide to go with someone else. You've only been at that other job for two weeks so really, what can your current job really say about you?


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  • As for the day off!


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