Would you wanna go to a bar like this?

here is what the bar is like its a sports bar and a video game bar. the bar has 24 video game systems all set up around the bar and all the video game systems are from the 1970s to now and the bar also 12 tvs to watch sports on and the bar has over 90 diffrent beers and 72 bottles of liquor and 24 bottles of wine. and the bar also has a home theater in it a little theater with over ten seats in it where the bar will play movies every night. and there will be a pool table area with over 4 pool tables and 4 beer pong tables and 2 air hockey tables and 2 foosball tables. and the bar would also serve food and the food the bar would serve would be burgers, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, BBQ and other bar foods such as buffalo wings and chicken tenders and the bar would be one floor and the bar would have sports memorbilla all over the walls and video game posters as well so would you go to a bar like this


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  • Nopeee, those are gonna be some sticky controllers.


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