Why is slow dancing so appealing to people of both genders?

so your at a wedding reception of a friend and the guy/gal you like ask you to do a dance when it happens to be to a slow song. here is the thing he/she does not know you like him/her. and honesty to me it just seems like its would be awkward... so here are my questions
A) doesn't it cause personal space issues B) where do the hands go C) are you aloud to talk during the dance or is that consider rude to other dancers D) do you just steer in each other eyes like you see in movies E) do you have to put your head on the guys shoulders or the guys rest their heads on the gals head and is there a sign to know if said movement (the head/shoulder) is socially accepted to do. because you dont want the person to know you like them.

how do you act if put in this situation?


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  • It's appealing because it requires two bodies to be reasonably close to each other... his hands could be on her hips, hers on his shoulders for something intimate and informal, or his left hand holding her right hand out to the side and his right hand on the small of her back with her left on his right shoulder, for the more formal slow dance


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  • A chance to get really close to the husband! See his sheepish smile,



    I wouldn't like to do it others.


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