How to control sleepwalking?

Like every few days i wake up like what the hell happened to the blinds and come to the conclusion that it gets messed up when im sleepwalking last night i actually woke up during one of these sleepwalking episodes and was like wtf am i doing my cover was on thr floor and i was at the window screwing up the blinds again


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  • Amputate your legs.


    I think you should see a doctor about this.
    In some cases they give you medications to help control this.

    • i don't think medications will help.

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    • Its just night terrors but like i said this has been happening since i was younger my mom and sister had to stop me numerous times from walking out of the apartment late at night

    • I think you need to see another doctor.
      Preferably a somnologist.

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  • Try not to sleep and walk at the same time.


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  • As long as you're not injuring yourself, sleepwalking isn't really that big of a problem.

    • Yeah it is when your making a ass of yourself and damaging stuff that dosent belong to you

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    • Only if you don't take it seriously or open up to your therapist. You're resisting the process. That's on you.

    • Im not but if people still do it now how can you fix it

  • i totally get you that shit has been happening to me since a month ago. do you also wake up in a place you weren't the night you went to sleep. like you just fucking wake up in the bathroom or smth?


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