Girls, why she wrote me this?

So I'm we're both messaging each other and I didn't message her before and she wrote :
HER: You dont talk to me anymore?

Why she wrote that? Is that some kind of trick, she knows that I love her, but I can't be always online :D I do miss her a lot.

I wrote that I'm at grandma's place and internet is slowly... and that I miss her and wish she would be here for cuddling

Please help me


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  • she's just asking to know why are you not replying
    and don't play a game
    just call her and text her whenever you can online
    she'll be happiest girl

    • Yeah I replied her yesterday, she don't have internet most of the time so I need to wait. I was at grandma and I just explained her everything:)

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    • yeah I love her, but I miss her so much.

    • it's long distance relationship :)


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  • Well if you guys communicate ALL the time then it's going to be a huge change for her when something disturbs the cycle. The cycle of your texting that is. It's the same with my guy best friend he wants to talk all the time which I can't do. Busy. He'll send messages to me like what your girlfriend sent you, it's mostly her just missing you or feeling insecure when you don't respond. Best of luck.

    • yep probably that's what happened and she's missing me for sure.

  • She probably got a bit insecure about your feelings for her. Tell her what you told us... that you have stuff to do other than text her all day.:)

    • yes I wasn't even able to get online, because I was at grandma's house (she's scared to sleep if no one's at house so I went to her place... and there was really bad internet, I just login to some opened wifi :D )

    • I'd understand, but I don't know how she is.:)

    • she will understand:)

  • She just wants attention from you, baby her and love her a lot that's what she wants.

    • yep, but damn I wasn't even online, but I explained her that I was at grandma :)

  • I do not mean to throw out a sweeping generalization, but I will. Most girls overcomplicate things and overthink situations. She most likely thinks you're ignoring her.

  • I've done this before she thinks you're ignoring her most likely