Can u tell me which elective , & what u do. What are easy electives in high school? Can you help me pick which are easy or not really a challenge?

OKAY SO , I'm a senior in high school and I am supposed to pick an elective. I am not sure what elective to pick from. I do not want to fail any class. I am horrible at math, I would say I'm great with computers but I don't know if that has anytjing to do with computer science , and I hate presenting. I suck at drawing and painting, all students say don't take that class because of the one teacher that only teaches it. The choices at my school are : computer science, environmental science, keyboards, animation , journalism , drama , drum class , yearbook {if teacher approves of me} Cuz certain amount of kids are needed. , if I remember more I will update it


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  • Of those drama seems the easiest

  • id say computer science but you got to work hard there. nobody is expected to know computer science from himself. I wanna go to a programming university and i know nothing but 2 programming languages lol


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