Feeling guilty for my racial preference?

I find certain facial features attractive and they are more prominent on a certain race. yet when the race I'm not attracted to has those features. I'm attracted to them. I'm perfectly fine with being friends with people that I find unnatractive but I just can't date them. Since you have to be intimate in a relationship. Does this make me a bad person? I can't recall ever rejecting someone for their race actually. It's usually either disrespectfulness or pervertedness and that has came in all races of guys. I don't even understand my preference to be honest.


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  • I don't even understand why you come on the idea that this could make you a bad person. Obviously it doesn't. Why in the world would personal preferences be racist? Are you somehow a bad person for preferring Kiwi over apples? Or for preferring cats over dogs? Now, you might say that these are not people. But it's essentially the same. If these features (or characteristics) turn you on then that is what you like. You don't like it because you mean to hurt anyone, you just like it. End of story. So obviously you're not even close to racist. I love east Asian girls (particularly Korean and Japanese). I love their petite figures, I love their small, almond-shaped eyes, I like their slightly toned skin that is white like mine but still looks different somehow. But I also love their mentality, their culture etc.. Does that make me a bad person? Of course not. I just like Asian girls. That doesn't mean I hate white girls. They're just not as appealing to me as Asian girls are. And there are some very good scientific explanations why this is the case.

    • This was from reading about people shaming racial preferences. I personally feel that it's racist when a person says that a certain race acts a certain way or that they're ugly. But I can't help finding certain facial features to be attractive, people say that it's racist since I'm automatically not giving people a chance but I don't understand how I've automatically became the only girl in the world who's obliged to date everyone that I get along with.

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    • Not, that's exactly not my opinion ;-). It doesn't have to do with race. It mostly has to do with social factors, such as social class. For a variety of historical reasons, African Americans are still today statistically over-represented in socially low classes. I know this is something that many Americans struggle to accept but it is a fact. It has to do with the fact that African American's don't get the same chances. The circumstances of their upbringing and their current lives, their social class's micro-cultural environment is much more influential on their behavior than their ethnicity.
      As for the mentality: African Americans DO have a distinctly different mentality from white Americans. Just because you live in the same country doesn't mean anything. I live in Switzerland, which has different geographic and cultural parts as you might know. I live in the German part of Switzerland, which makes up around 65% of the country's population. And I can tell you: the people

    • in the "Romandie" (the French part of Switzerland) are quite different from us. They have a different mentality than us. They're still Swiss (much closer to us than to French people) but they speak a different language, they have different customs and most importantly, a different mentality. In the same way, African Americans are certainly closer to white Americans than to people from Africa, but they're still different. They have their own customs and mentality. Much of which might have been carried over the centuries and originally come from Africa but was also changed and adapted in many aspects. So African Americans are different but it hasn't to do with race, it has to do with culture. Race is, in almost every case, a very, very unimportant reason for differences between people.

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  • Not at all. You just like certain features.


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  • No, it doesn't. Preferences are not racist. Disagreeing with a certain racial demographic is not racist. Having views which are not political correct isn't racist.

    Racism is, if you discriminate and hate upon a certain race. What you are attracted to has nothing to do with that.

  • Racial preference is not racist so don't worry - I like a certain race and I definitely do not consider myself racist.

  • I , for one , am SICK to the back teeth of seeing & hearing RACIST everywhere !! Everyone has their own preferences , personally I don't really have a " type " as such , but have a preference for Latin / Southern European women. Bigots come in all shades & shapes , It's NOT just European decent people that are racist , I'm quite simplistic , someone is OK with me , I'm the same back , I don't care what creed or colour you are !!

    • I don't understand your wording

  • no, it doesn't. it's just what you find attractive. what you just explained is how it works for everybody

  • It's racist to me, but it's okay.

    • But it has nothing to do with stereotypes so I don't understand. Even if the race that I found attractive had those facial features, I wouldn't be attracted to them.

    • If you don't think it's racist that's fine.

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