Girls, have you ever been scared so much?

So much to the point of peeing your pants?

What's happened? What's frightened you so much?


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  • I was out surfing when a shark came by to check me out and bumped my bored. Might not sound scary but i literally peed myself (good thing i was in the water lol) :P

    • Ahaha in this case the water saved you from an embarassing moment :) so how did you notice it? You couldn't feel the wetness...

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    • Well i was surfing with friends so it would have been kinda hard to keep it a secret lol :P

    • Ahha yeah... but I mean, no one of them have actually seen the stream of pee flowing down your legs... you were in to the sea


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  • Even if I'm extremely afraid - I do not pee my pants. That is not how I express my fear. I might get insomnia if I'm really scared or I might just scream and then forget the whole thing ever happened.

    • Ok... so your pants are safe in case.. :)

  • hahaha yes. in sixth grade me and my friend were playing hide and seek and i hid in the shower. she snuck up on me and jumped and i peed my pants when i was literally a foot away from the toilet

    • Ahahaha well but at least it seems a funny situation ;)

  • Ya once when i go to turkey for the first time i saw man who Bite on his lips and looking for me scary looks!! I think that because i was wearing neqab - cloth which cover my face- Because the Majority at the istanbul airport were looking for me😭😱

    • Oh my gosh.. it should have been a really bad situation... but did you really wet your pants?

  • Not really scared, but playing hide and seek when I was younger for some reason... the waiting and nervousness made me had to go really bad.

    • Same for me!

    • Ahahah and both of you have peed the panties in those situations... haven't you?

  • when I was overseas, visiting my family I got to get a glass of water and through the cracks of the concrete brick window a face was staring at me, I pissed myself and ran to my bed lol

    • At night? Really scaring... did you literally pee?