Should I sell stuff to make money and if so what should I sell?

I want to get a job during school time, but my parents won't let me because they want me to focus more on school than work (which i can kinda understand their logic), but I still want to make money, So I was thinking of selling things to make money, but i'm not sure if I should do it and i'm not sure what to even sell. I was thinking shoes, but I don't know so what do you guys think about this?


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  • I'm not sure that's a good idea. I tried to do something similar when I was 16 and my parents would be furious that I tried to sell anything, because it wasn't mine to sell since I didn't buy it lol. Not sure if your parent would respond similarly. If they wouldn't care, then get rid of something you won't miss and is in good condition.


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  • I am sure if you had a good look around - You will find lots of things you don't use anymore, get it together and see how much you can sell it for - Why not? - I think it is a good move