Rate my art work in my picture , am I good enough to take further?

okay so I'm thinking of becoming an artist and I just drew the picture in my display do you think it's good enough?


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  • Instead of asking whether or not you're good enough to keep going, maybe you should just keep going. If you really want to be an artist then don't ask people if you should be an artist. Just do it. I myself have taken to drawing, and I'm complete rubbish at it, but I keep working at it because I have all these ideas that I literally, physically, need to get down onto paper. It's not a case of whether or not I should keep drawing, but because I need to keep drawing.

    As a side note, your artwork is stellar. Keep up the amazing work.


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  • No. You outline instead of letting the shading make implied lines. And the shading is very rough anyways, very smudged and too dark or too light in places
    Proportions are way off. Looks like a characature. You draw with your brain and not with your eyes, you drew what you think an eye or mouth should look like instead of studying the reference for proportions and how it ACTUALLY looks

    Next time try drawing upside down. That way you focus on getting he shaped right instead of trying to make it look like a face that vaguely resembles the ref.

    This will help:


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  • Looks decent. "Take it further" as in "make it a viable source of income"? No.

  • yeh its cool fam.. you get me fam?

  • Looks life you would make a good scetch artist for the cops


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