Sophmore boy and Senior girl?

My brother's friend and I have been talking for about a month now (he's a sophmore and I'm a Senior, he's going to be 16 in November and I barely turned 18 in May. When this all began it was at a gathering with friends & we pretty much were flirting, being "mean" to eachother, laughing, talking, and what not. He thinks I'm beautiful and I think he's so handsome. We have not kissed or anything like that, we dont really spend time together right now because everyone talks, but we are realky getting to know eachother and I truly do like him. He also just got out of a relationship with a girl who's in his grade & is a close friend of my brother as well. When I asked my brother if it was weird that him and I were flirting, he said "yea of course, he's my friend". My question is, if it gets to the point where him and I want to date, is that okay? age wise? and well concerning the fact that he is friends with my brother?


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  • Well in my opinion age shouldn't matter as much as it does. Is that an uncommon thing? Yes, normally the guy is older, but in all honesty I don't think that matters. As long as you two like each other it shouldn't matter. People will probably talk, but who cares. High School doesn't matter that much once you're out of it. If he's your brother's friend it shouldn't matter too much, but your brother might feel uncomfortable about it. It's a protective thing as well as an awkward thing. Every time he sees his friend he's going to think about how you two are dating. Is that a horrible thing? Nah, but if you too break up then him and his friend might no longer be friends. So it's really up to you, but if you truly like him I see no problem with an age gap. Good luck on whatever you choose.


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  • Well if you like eachother it shouldn't be a problem 😊


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  • if you really get on then go for it. You might need to be a bit discrete though as people at that age can be quite cruel if they see something as a bit out of the ordinary

    • Thank you! I appreciate the response :)

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