Are people in US, UK still racist towards coloured people?

Like people who belong to Italy, India, Mexico, Middle East have olive skintones and mostly get mocked or insulted by the English for being dark. Is this racist mentality still prevalent in the UK or US?

I know Americans are more friendly towards people of all skintones and ethnic groups. They don;t discriminate as much as the English and Australians do. Plus, they prefer the tanned look and keep tanning themselves to achieve a warmer complexion so there seems less chances of the people being racist towards coloured people.

As for UK, the English have always been known as bullies. They hate every person who isn't white. Even celebrities aren't spared in the UK. Zayn Malik from One Direction is a British Pakistani muslim and he has olive skin and he gets hate daily for being dark, Paki etc.

A friend of mine who lives in UK also claimed she was mocked at her school because she was dark in colour and her classmates would bully her saying her warm complexion looked dirty. She stated children from mixed heritage or children belonging to India, Italy, Middle East have a really hard time fitting in at the schools there as nobody would be friends with them.

Is this racism still prevalent in the UK?


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  • I've lived in both the Us and UK and the situation is different, not just more or less prejudice. In the US there is more prejudice against Americans of African ancestry (who are commonly called 'blacks' a word not normally applied to Asian Indians or Hispanics, though if they are very dark skinned an undiscriminating person might be confused) and Hispanics and less against Asians. Americans are a bit put off by Asians dressing in traditional clothes but for the most part are friendly and accepting of them.

    As to why this is I can only speculate it has to do with numbers and perception. There are relatively fewer Asians and more 'blacks' in the US, the UK is the reverse. In the US many Asians are well educated with well paid jobs and so they are accorded some respect for that.


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  • In the UK, racism... well, it barely exists nowadays. As a member of a minority, I know for a fact that the British are incredibly open to new ideas, new faiths and new cultures in a way that Americans aren't. We're not just talking about white-black racism, there's white-Hindu, white-Muslim and a great deal more.

    Britain is anything but predominantly white nowadays. In Britain, anything can be possible to an equal degree if you are white, black, Asian, or anything else. A mitigating factor might be class. But less and less nowadays.

    • Have you actually lived in the USA? I wonder because having lived in each place for some years that's not the impression I got. Also the British working class, who are the majority, didn't strike me as particularly accepting.

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  • Yeah, there are definitely some raging bigots in America. The KKK still exists somewhat and there are occasionally hate crimes against people who are coloured. Are they being accepted more and more? Yeah, for sure. I say that until people stop bringing up past flames that racism will continue. There are also some coloured people racist against white people as well. I don't think either is more right than the other and I would love to see the day that racism finally comes to an end, but that day isn't going to be here any time soon my friend.

  • IF the support for UKIP, the BNP and the EDL is something to go by, yes, there are racists in the UK.
    IF the support for cops shooting blacks and for Donald Trump is something to go by, yes there are racists in the USA.

  • Ya, I hate blue people.

  • I believe so. But, I don't think they all are.


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