Is it okay to hate myself?

I have always wanted to be spoiled and granted everything I ever desired! I was raised that way, I always got what I wanted!! I don't have a problem working to get what I want, but sometimes it's just not enough!! I Dint mind being called names for what I do the get what I want! NO I DON'T HAVE SEX FOR MONEY!!! I just find some guy that I know will like me and date me and make me happy! Guys my age are assholes! That are way too horny! I have a guy coming here to take me shopping, we are going to spend a fee days together, going to dinner, taking walks etc. I hate myself because I have people that don't seem to care for help me! I'm going to college in a fucking month!! I Dint Have shit! Nothing!! I baree had money to get a few things. my jibt!! Is so shity!! They barely give me hours now because they have their favorites!! I have tried all summer to get another job to get these things but i dint ever get the job. My mother is no fucking help!! I have applied to a temp agency just so I can get more money and a fucking job that will give me plenty of hours! I want the nice things in life!! Gucci, Michael Kors, Uggs, Betsy Johnson Etc.!! But I try so hard and work my ass off, and I get nothing!!


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  • Sounds like you're seeking artificial material happiness instead of genuine inner happiness... That's part of your problem right there.


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  • You got all you wanted when growing up, now it's time for you to leap & obtain what you want through what you earn. Mummy is not going to hold your hand forever..

    Also.. No offence but.. Grow up, people have it worse than you.


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  • Hi, welcome to reality. It gets harder from there. Trust me.

    You seem materialistic. It's going to be even harder for people like that, because most people don't want to help those that only want material things.


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