Why do they want our milk and honey but why do they hate us and want to live my their own laws?


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  • But go on your way accordingly and know you're not alone.


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  • Who are you talking about, living where, and what laws?

    • And why is the spelling and formulation so atrocious? This question makes no sense any way you put it.

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    • You want to know why people of Shiite Law (Sharia) come in to other countries and enjoy their resources but want to still live by their ways which in some countries would be considered crimes? (i. e. beating women)

      Because they simply don't understand that in some countries, that country's laws trump religion. They learn quick in western countries that it could be jail time or deportation or both. They lived for so long in countries where religion *was* the law, and if you went against it, you could go to jail.

      They see the toll it takes on a country and don't want to be in the middle of war, and are happy to leave their country to feel safe, but they don't understand that where they go, religion takes a back seat. So they do want to live in "the land of milk and honey" which is what I think you're meaning to be America (if you're American), but America is not known for this. They go to these countries not knowing all that they've been brought up to believe.

    • Yes send them back.

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  • i'm going to take a blind bet and say you're from Europe (or possibly USA) and speaks about muslims?
    Why do i guess that? Because the "milk and honey" is generally a christian saying (even if it's actually jewish in origin. the old testament), and it fits with the situation Europe (and the west in general) is facing.

    The problem is your logic. You complain about them trying to reap as many benefits as possible, while (asuming i'm right) lives in the biggest corporate capitalitic society on earth! Contradiction much?

    Just saying.

    • Maybe reread the question and answer again.

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    • They have done it before.

    • and read your other answers; i was right that it was about muslims (and the sharia laws in particular).

      I'll tell you why
      1. Because we let them
      2. because just like everyone else they're opportunistic dicks that want the cake and eat it

  • That's about the history of every time a new civilization meets the other ain't it lol?
    From the Jews massacring the Galileans.
    The Mongols culling the Chinese.
    The European Colonials' precarious relationship with the aboriginals of the New World.
    To what we have now alllll across the world.

    What is the question exactly?

  • because we tell them its ok lol

  • Hmmm... It seems like "they're" always the root of the problem. Except when it's "him"
    Or "her". A rotten bunch I tell you


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