Can you remove a contact from your friends lists on FB without the person knowing?

you were deleted or is not possible?


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  • So ehhh hackers?

    • why hackers?

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    • Yes, go to his or her profile and it should say 'add'
      that should show up again

    • But i think is differnt the way I see his profile in my friends list as how he sees me in his friends list as rright? Im opening fb and I have this guyon my contact list I access the account and I see he stillhave me therebut that does not mean that on his account he still have me right?

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  • Um you can unsubscribe to them but if you delete them they will find out if they click on your page like oh hey we're not friends anymore. Kind of hard to avoid that but in subscribing is nice cause you can still be friends but not have to see annoying stuff they post or whatever. I use this on annoying family members without being rude and deleting.

    • Lets say I have a friend on my list and the guy have me on his. If this friend wanted to delete me from his list, can I know when he does that?

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    • I mean I know personally he won't tell me but like FB send me something letting me know someone remove me from his list' that is what i meant. Ike when you add a friend FB lets u know

    • No it doesn't.