Who is at fault here?

In this situation:
If a boyfriend is wearing a scary costume but since she didn't know it was him at the moment, she grabbed her pocket knife. It was at the moment he was saying to put it down, took off the mask and told her it was just him. But he's irritated that she reacted that way. It was meant to be a simple scare, in which he would then tell her it's just him immediately.

  • The idiotic boyfriend
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  • You're one hundred percent allowed to do that.

    • I did feel bad when he had to take off the mask though but yes, he scared the heck out of me. I haven't been the same ever since last year, where I got away from an attempt rape. Prior to that terrible moment, I would receive several harrassing phone calls (both on my phone home and cell). That's why I got into defensive mode.

    • You don't need an explanation anyway.

Most Helpful Girl

  • There's nothing wrong with wanting to defend yourself when you're scared. Actually that's a very human reaction, when we get scared our brains go into fight/flight mode. So you were pretty much on auto pilot when you grabbed that pocket knife. Anyone could have done that.

    You can't be irritated at someone that got scared when you SCARED them. On purpose. Your reaction was 100% normal and natural, and your boyfriend should know this. Only idiots think it's funny to scare people like that anyway.


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  • I love these questions where I get tomapportion blame. Scaring girls is dumb and too easy. She should have cut him.

  • Not as simple as the two options given.


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  • If you see a scary costume and your first reaction is to grab a knife instead of scream and then laugh then you have issues

    • This might explain why I had that reaction:
      He scared the heck of me by pretending to be a clown killer. Besides, someone almost tried to rape me once last year and I had to hit that scumbag in self-defense.

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    • But you should have realized it wasn't a threat as you were going for a knife.

    • I know. I just didn't think he would stop by for a surprise visit dressed up like that.

  • The girl was just protecting herself she probably was scared there are many psychos in the world her boyfriends immature now he knows not to do it again.

  • you were only thinking of protecting yourself. what if it wasn't your "boyfriend'? then what?