How to make alcohol taste better?

So i have this cheap ass bottle of alchohol i mean it fucks you up but it taste terrible ( not as bad as captian morgan oh dear lord ) like i took my 3rd shot and i litterally threw it up and it came out my nose and burned like a bitch please help me i'm tryna enjoy myself tonight and sleep

Yes i know i'm young an shouldn't be drinking but it's my choice an i'm responsible with my drinking and smoking it dosent affect my school at all ( tree makes me do better in some subjects ) i'm pretty much on my shit ayy i even have a job... anyways now that is out the way i will appreciate the feed back


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  • You have two relatively easy options.
    A. You can build higher resistance to alcohol (sorry doesn't really answer how to make it taste better, but you will get more used to the taste
    B. Mix it with something. Coke or lemonade or whatever you have on hand.

    • Yeah i would use a chaser if i had soda but actually there's a lemon tree down my street ill go pick some lemons and do that lol never thought of that. but my resistance to that an tree have always been low regardless how much i do it ( maybe im just lucky I don't know lol) But Thank you!! i appreciate it

    • No problem. Thanks for MHO

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  • You sound pretty drunk to me, and stupid I might add given your supposed age...

  • If it's like whiskey or rum, any dark soda like coke or dr pepper will do. If you just want to get drunk- go diet with the soda, it fucks you up faster. Lemonade is also surprisingly good with some whiskies (especially fireball).

    • Good advice. It's vodka, But since i don't have soda i think i'll just mix it with some lemons (:

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