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  • Uh I know this one, but there're three that's similar. ^.^

    "The frog in the well was happy.
    It wasn't interested what was outside the well.

    The frog in the well was happy.
    It was recluse to anything that happened outside the well.

    And you were happy.
    Because you didn't know what occurred outside the well."

    "I wanted to know the world that was outside of the well.
    So I tried hard to get out from the bottom of the well.

    I wanted to know the world that was outside of the well.
    So I climbed up numerous of times despite falling down over and over again.

    But then I realized it.
    The higher and higher I climb, the pain increases when I fall down again.

    When my interest in the world outside of the well began to equal the amount of pain
    That was when I finally realized the meaning of the story "The frog prince".

    "I was the most unfortunate.
    I knew that there was no exit out of this maze.

    Then, he was the next unfortunate.
    He did not know that there was no exit out of this maze.

    But all the rest weren't so unfortunate.
    They didn't know that they were in the maze in the first place."

    They're all alike, in that it's about either knowing, or not knowing.

    I liked his speech, hadn't heard of him before. ^.^


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  • Traveling is overate. I don't feel it changes one's perception all that much. Holding conversation with people from around the world changes your perception of the world if you ask the right questions. When you are exposed to their differing views on culture and pace of life you see through a different lens, but actually going there doesn't really do shit. Culture is about people, not about place. You'd have to integrate into a culture over long periods of time and live there to understand the cultural nuances. So watching that video about him feeling like he has some grand view now that he traveled out of London is laughable to me.

  • He is a very humble guy.

  • Thanks, enjoyed that. Cool guy.

  • I don't think, ever

  • Another way of saying jump out of your comfort zone...


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