Getting back at guys who try to use me?

up til now i would feel humiliated whenever a guy would ask for a one night stand or stare my boobs/ objectify me, but lately i have considered using that for my advatage. Meaning why not use the guys that try to use me? its only fair and i'll feel less helpless in the situation and they will get a taste of their own medisine.

I will ofc only do this when im not seeing a guy who actually gives a shit about my feelings, and im not going to target certain people. But if the approach me only to use me sex then i dont won't hesitate in trying to take advatge of them to get what i want. So any advice on how to do this without being too obvious about my intentions?


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  • Most guys dont care that your using them lol. By asking u to have sex thats all there intrested in so in theory they wouldn't even notice. It's not smart to spread your legs because u want people to get hurt because when they get sex they won't look behind at the girl he just fucked he's looking forward for new pussy. Your actually making life easier for them. You might not understand this but when your vagina is all loose and used you'll realize. P. s. Guys that ask you for sex and you accept easily they already know your a hoe so they already know the end result. What u need to learn is that players dont mix feelings with sex so when you have sex with another guy it won't faze Him. You'd be surprised how many guys tell there freinds how easy a particular is maybe you look easy. No disrespect but im being honest. What your trying to do is the same as trying to get someone you like jealous that doesn't like u it's not possible.
    I can tell your body has been around the block a few times maybe respect it a little more ehh?

    • l though you had to have had sex to be a hoe... didn't know it was possible to be a Virgin hoe

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  • Just let it go and move on

    • why? why should they be allowed to do that to me and other women? they shouøld learn their lesson before they hurt anyone else


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  • This sort of vengeful quest you're after isn't going to create long term satisfaction, it will be a fix however leaving you as empty as you feel now. You can't control how other people behave however you can use these lessons to improve yourself.

    I'd re-focus on why you're picking these guys who "objectify" you. There are good guys who are often overlooked.. just like women out there.

    Anyways, in my opinion... "getting back at them // giving them a taste of their own medicine" to me is wasted energy and time that could be used to do something positive towards your life. Instead of going out and trying to retaliate, you could read a book, go build friendships or better yet.. do nothing because spreading more negativity in the world = bad.

    • i dont "pick" these guys, these guys come to me.. so isn't ot like im searching for guys attention and then end up with these kind of guys.. im just minding my own business when they come intruding my life.. I dont know these people.. which makes it even worse because then it something about the way i act that makes them think that im up for that. I know good guys excist.. but it doesn't help being a good person if my lady parts dont get wet by you... And how am i supose to improve myself? the only way i can this not happen again, what i activly can do for this not to happen again is stay at home and never go out.. which doesn't really sound like an improvment if you ask me

    • "you should eat bananas, they're good for you"
      - no i hate yellow
      "what if you read a book?"
      - books are boring
      "hang out with friends?"
      - all my friends are too far away and busy
      "ice it when you get home"
      - i don't have an ice pack.

  • but if they only want you for sex and you agree to fuck them and "use them" aren't you just giving them exactly what they want?

    lol I don't see how this would be exacting your revenge on them

    if you wanted to use a guy and get revenge you should leaf them on get them to buy you stuff/take you on dates but REFUSE to have sex with them.

    • I haven't had sex with them

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    • I want to use them for other things... obviously

    • Ok then try to get them to take you on dates, spend money on you, do favors for you and make them think that you'll have sex with them but DON'T actually have sex with them.

      Honestly I'd say you're better off just ignoring them and moving on, however if you want to use them that's a decent strategy

  • ... Are you Batman?

  • Well dropping to their level makes you just like them!!!
    And you think using them is gonna make them well bad? No! Cause they were using you too!!! So they don't care about your feelings

    • They are trying to use me.. so they haven't been able to do it yet so if I try to make it seem im up for it they might give mr the things I do want

  • Just learn from your mistakes and be smarter about it next time. Don't go down your vengeful path.

    • How am I supose to learned when they Come to me for no obvious reason?

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    • But its something about me that screams " im easy treat me like shit please" and I belive its something to worry about. . But I guess I should try to not care

    • Well you're not, maybe you're just beautiful! So guy's can't resist but try!

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  • What exactly would you do though? Your body is your temple why waste your time abusing it just to get back at idiots.