Am I suppose to feel bad about this?

to start this off I walk everywhere I go. I have no friends and my family is dirt dirt poor. I graduated last year and got in trouble with police ended up doing 3 months in jail. I'm trying to get my life together it's hard with no help though. I've been walking all over town looking for work. I'm getting college paid for and going this fall. but what I'm talking about is today I was walking to get my mom some cigarettes and these girls was looking at me laughing and that's not the first time I've seen people from school laughing at me. if they only knew my struggle they wouldn't laugh but anyways I feel bad cause I don't get any women I don't know what I need to do I don't dress good I'm not some popular guy on social media. on a rate scale I'll prob be an 7 or 8 ish but still get no women I mean I have ambishion, I have goals, there are a lot of things I want to do in life but no one notices me and I m tired of getting laughed at bc of my situation this shit sucks, I literally have nothing in my life


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  • Just better yourself with your education. Make it count because they definitely won't be laughing when you have a decent career, living a little more than comfortably. You need to deal with it, some people get "everything" but truly have nothing.

  • You've got your mom for a start :) and then you've got your ambition. You're healthy and able, you're clever enough to go to college. That's already a lot you've got going for you there. With a negative attitude you won't find a girlfriend but if you're happy within yourself I have no doubt you'll find the right one for you


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