Do you believe the University you went to had huge impact on your life?

I'm genuinely curious.


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  • Not really, I got a History and Economics degree from a well respected Uni, but I'm a successful Software Engineer now. Every job I've ever had in the last 10 years had 'Computer Science or Science / Engineering Degree required' on the job description, but they quickly forget about that when they see someone with solid industry experience.

    Your degree can definitely helps get your career started, but a few years in it doesn't mean a thing. Nothing says 'failure' like a guy in his 30's who still goes on about what a great degree he got in his early 20's, you can say it's a fairly safe bet he hasn't achieved much between then and now if he is...


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  • Yes, I went full crazy while I was in college. I doubt it'd have happened if I had gone to a different college or if had chosen something different to do instead of studying my ass off.

    • What do you mean full crazy out of curiosity? And what were you studying, can I ask that

    • I can't point exactly what made me lost my mind, but it sure has something to do with me being surrounded by people whose opinions were the complete opposite of mine, and I couldn't voice them out of fear of being lynched by those politically correct freaks. I also lost contact with most of my old friends during college, and I don't think it made me any good cause the new ones I got were pc freaks too.
      I majored in Linguistics and Literature.


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  • yes - I learned a lot, had great times and there were 7 girls for every 1 guy. I wanted to stay longer, but my parents made me get a job after I hit 40.


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