Depression, anxiety, past sins, help?

so what is something easy to do to heelp me get over it i have an issue in my past , i didn't do anything but i almost did, im not sayingwhat it is but it makes me think i have rto be alone now even though it hapened in hs, it haunts me.

anyway even this problem aside , im usually anxious depressed, sad, lonely est about a lot of things (mostly being lonely) if no reason at all. i have frieds but we rarely hang out (there far and usually working)

anyway i have tried but i can't seem to get over it.. any advice besides therapy and drugs?

tried telling family but most just get mad at me and tells me to stop, if they care at all... my mom says she doesn't have time for me acting like that.


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  • Write all the shit down, go to the mountains, somewhere secluded, scream at the top of your lungs and then burn everything you wrote. This does wonders. Thank me later.


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  • Sins -past or present- are a religious idea. Settle it with a priest. Or drop religion.

  • Accepting Christ's sacrificial death on the cross as full payment for sin has brought atonement to billions of Christians over thousands of years. He died for your sin too.