Do you think wealthy people give back?

Is enough ever enough
Is never ever never
W$$ all my life I always heard these words said to my family were wealthy but my friends told me we made to much money we donate half of our money so W#$ you want use to have money I blessed people every day I not waiting on someone to bless me because I'm already bleesed so to all you mfs that say rich people Dont give back well my family does and also F$$$ the haters because you're actually movaters so thanks for all the support.


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  • They are probably talking about those with offshore bank accounts and does tax avoidance and vote republican and underreport income and think people who are poor are poor for a reason. Those who REALLY showcases their new found wealth.

    Those people aren't exactly what the general masses like.

    The wealthy people who actually have a bit of moral fiber acts like the everyday man , work like the everyday man , flies coach like the everyday man and shops at thrift stores like an everyday man , volunteer at the soup kitchen every Saturday when he's not mysteriously missing from his home for weeks at a time.
    If you ask him where he works he'll say "Shell" and you actually think he means that he's a gas attendant because he looks like one but he actually is an oil executive.

    Does the general masses hate that kinda "wealthy people"?
    I don't think so... hell you wouldn't even know he's rich.

    In the end of the day it boils down to this.
    People appreciate frugality and a bit of actual physical devotion to charity and giving back to society.
    People do not appreciate decadence and thinking shoving money down a charity donation box makes that person a saint.


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  • Most of them don't.


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  • Haters gonna hate.

    The truth is, a lot of wealthy people make money because they're not haters, they are just cool people who has their shit together and get shit done, and people who are not wealthy would just rather blame other people than to take responsibility for their own fate and get shit done.

  • You don't gain wealth by spending money or giving it away. Take what you can and then leverage what you've taken to take some more... That's generally how it works.

    • Well I give large sums to homeless and just the other day I seen the guy who I gave it to he was cleaned up and found him a job and also back in school has an apartment and bought him a car

    • Money is typically given by wealthy people for 1) legacy, 2) influence, or 3) power. I know plenty of wealthy people that have their names on buildings and shit like that. Do they give, yes, but by doing that they got more in return. Not as in a since of satisfaction of sacrifice for others, but more so in a since of advertising for their other business endeavors and power plays in politics which they use to manipulate laws to position their business holdings more favorably.

    • I Dont want that I just to give like they gave to me when I was poor I made I saved I made I saved and then when I finally did get to the point were I wasn't in my office working with to government I gave all the money out my bank account and didn't tell no one I wasn't looking for fame I was looking for forgiveness out of my selfish ways so I gave a 1,000 after a 1,000 Intel I didn't have any more when I did get money I did the same thing I Dont wear fancy clothes I Dont have a no so fancy car nor a fancy house I have an apartment why because I am who I am hevan sent I love what I do of you need money I will provide for you

  • some of them do

  • They do a lot example jobs


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