What time do you sleep and wake up?

Also, what time do you think is the best time to go to sleep?

I sleep at 9pm and wake up at 5 am. I think that the best time to go to bed is anywhere from 6pm to 7pm.


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  • No specific time to sleep
    No specific time to wake up

    Bad system, ain't it?

    Anyway I think that the best time to sleep is at 10:00 PM and the best time to wake up is before fajr.

    • No not really. I'm usually like that too but I just decided to set my routine lol

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    • I have done that before, it only works for a couple of days then I would get back to the same routine.

    • You should set your alarm to wake up at 3 am everyday and naturally you will fall asleep 7 hours earlier

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  • I wake up between 9:00 - 11:00 and I sleep between 11:00 - 2:00


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  • In the summer, i sleep from 3am to 11:30am. The other 10 months i do 1am to 10 am


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  • I sleep at around 11pm-12am, and get up at about 8-9am. Works with my job, so it's the best for me.

  • went to bed at 9pm woke up at 4am for work. 6pm the sunlight is freaking shining through my window.

    • You can close it with what you use in your house to cover the windows?

    • Yeah I guess that's true, I've never really been able to fall asleep that early though