IPhone 5c, an upgrade or nah?

I currently have an iphone 5 that's over 2 years old, thus my contract is up. It still works just fine, but I dropped it in a toilet several months ago and I feel like it's just going to crash on me at any moment! I can either get an iphone 5c for 99cents according to verizon's website, or I can get an iphone 6 for $200 (it's $300 without the discount of my contract expiration). I'm not the biggest fan of the iphone 6 because I have freakishly small hands and that phone is HUGE to me- but is the iphone 5c really an update from the iphone 5? Should I just ask for the iphone 6 for my birthday in September and get used to it?

I know next to nothing about the iphone 5c, so any help would be appreciated! I don't really care much about 'faster' technology and crazy updates like the fingerprint scanner (though that'd be nice to have).


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  • no 5c sucks balls go Iphhone six or android


What Girls Said 1

  • I would *really* research the iphone 5c deal. If an iphone5 is still good, I don't see why it wouldn't be good for another 2 years. Plus, when else are you going to find a phone for 99 cents?