Girls, Haven't seen my crush in a while, never had these feelings before. How can I get over this?

I never thought I'd be the sentimental type of guy. I used to think it was something to be proud of to meet all sorts of women, have some fun and move on to the next one... until recently. I met a girl where I work and she is WAY different from other girls I've ever met, so conservative, calm, quiet, so unique.

Anyway, we used to see each other frequently during my shift and have awesome conversations but recently I haven't seen her and the feelings I'm having is killing me, I can't imagine I'd ever have these feelings running through me, but I miss her a lot.


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  • Awww, so sweet I almost puke. How to get over it? Easy, find girls and hang out with them, have fun with other chicks, go to night clubs, drink and have fun, you won't forget about her totally but you will keep your mind busy, and that's exactly what you need.
    Just move on, when you see her again remember that you are trying to move on, don't fall again.

    If you really want to try something, talk to her when she's around. Ask her out and shit. Don't want this kind of feelings? Go out with a different chick to get over her.


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