Is it weird I dont really care about music?

I've liked some bands over the years, kinda still do but i never really got into it, i think i had a couple cds. and mostly cus friends did. honestly only 2 i liked on my own were marolyn manson and adam lambert. and im not a crazy fan.

I've actually seen people kinda I don't know mad and or look at me like i had 2 heads cus when they asked what music i like id say i dont care really or i say anything.


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  • Most of the time I don't either. On rare occasions I might find a tune I find delightful but most of the time it doesn't affect me.


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  • Yes, I find that extremely weird. I've never met someone who doesn't care or dislikes music. Maybe you haven't found the right genre? To me music is essential to life.


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  • There's plenty of people like that. I like lots of different styles, so the "what music do you like" question also gets a vague answer.

  • That is pretty unusual. I've met people who weren't into some art forms like visual art for example or maybe not into poetry or literature (like me) but music has always seemed universal. I've never met someone was wasn't into music.

    Maybe you should explore around until you find something you like more cuz Marilyn manson and adam lambert would turn many people off to music.

    • well i mostly find music through amvs or regular music videos... everything all kind of sounds the same in its genre, like all metals the same , all pops the same est,

      " Marilyn manson and adam lambert would turn many people off to music." why would u say that?

    • I say that cuz I detest both of them. just my personal opinion.