Girls, Does it actually make me a sissy for doing what a girl asks or tells me?

I have always had this issue where i do things for girls that they ask or tell me to do for them. I let my girlfriend have everything her way, and I do everything she wants. The preppy girls took advantage of me back in high school, telling me to take notes for them, or carry their stuff. I worked at McDonalds and did everything for my female co-workers that they wanted done, and even had a customer tell me to get her a refill. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I always do what a girl tells me, I never feel comfortable enough to say to them... am I a sissy?


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  • No but you just need to speak up and say no sometimes. You need to go and gain the courage to say no to things sometimes. You don't have to be rude but just don't get walked all over.

    • I know... I dont know what is wrong with me... I am just screwed up in the head or something... When the popular girls made me carry their stuff for them, they would laugh about it and call me their pet... sometimes they told me to take notes for them, or made me do their homework for them. That entire year they walked all over me as much as possible, and i never said no to anything they told me to do for them. I have always wanted the courage to say no to a girl, but when she is standing right infront of me, looking at me with those eyes, my body shuts down and I do what she wants. Bleh, sorry, rambling. Thank you for your comment though, it was very sweet, and completely true =]

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    • Lol, it's like I know they dont have weapons or anything like that, but fear still rushes through my body when I am face to face with a girl who is wanting me to do something she wants. I feel like her eyes are more like a glare that is telling me I better do what she wants or else. You are a very sweet girl =] thank you for taking your time to give me your advice =] i feel like I prolly wouldn't feel nervous around you. I don't know if I can bring myself to say no to a girl, even once, who is telling me to do something... Just the thought of that makes me nervous... I am freakin ridiculous. But maybe one day I will be able to =]

    • Good luck 😊


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  • You should occasionally do things that girls ask or tell you, if it's something small that you have no problem doing and it doesn't interfere with what you're doing. But you shouldn't just bend over backwards for other people, you need to stand up for yourself if you don't want to do something, whether the person is male or female.

    • I know, you are right, it is just the way i am and its hard to change that. Guys can kiss my ass, but for some reason, girls are impossible for me to stand up to or say no to them. Girls are friggin intimidating, lol. But I don't know... You are right though. Thank you.

  • It's ok to be nice but u shudnt let people walk all over u. I wouldn't call it being a sissy I would just say you're too nice for your own good.

    • Well the thing is, i dont let guys treat me that way, only girls. There has always just been something about girls that makes me afraid of not doing what they tell me to do. I feel like a girl could hurt me or make me regret not having done what she wanted. Highschool was really bad, all the popular girls talked about me, and pretty much used me like they owned me. Girls really are very intimidating to me, and i see them as stronger to me. It is a struggle for me...

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    • Oh shit... I think the older girl just got owned by the "little girl"... *grinds teeth* thats gonna sting for a while...

    • Whatever... like it even matters anyway.