Is the new Man Utd strip sexist?

I was surfing the net yesterday and saw Man Utd released their new strip for coming season. I was surprised to find out there was a version for its female team and a version for its male team (female strip on left) - Disclaimer the male team would be more widely supported by 99.9% of the fans.
Is the new Man Utd strip sexist?

  • It is a blatant marketing move aimed at female fans of male team thus offensive and sexist
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  • It is a blatant marketing move - Get a life
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@JessRoxHard has just pointed out that Man Utd does not have a female team - I misread coverage yesterday - Therefore I am now option B
To clarify question - The articles I read yesterday were aggrieved about plunging neckline


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  • If I'm spending the money on a jersey that looks like it's from the actual kit, I want it to *look* like the kit.

    If it's a tshirt I couldn't care less. So I'm not sure how that fits in.

    • From what I can gather it is the official kit but you can choose to buy the plunging neckline "Female" version - I checked prices online Male version what team wear 85 euro, kids version 75 euro and womens plunging neckline 75 euro.

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    • That is what it all boils down there is a marketing executive somewhere always dreaming up ways to part you from your cash.

    • Obviously they're not a soccer fan or a woman.

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  • Well the thing is that the female body is in general shaped quite differently. So a woman who is a fan of the the male team will in most cases still buy the female team one for the sake of comfort. Or is it that there's both a female team kit with a female fit AND a male kit with a female fit? Maybe I'm not understanding?

    • Good point - The articles I read yesterday were aggrieved about plunging neckline


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  • Since this is not for sports but fashion then I see no issue, if you are a woman then you can always buy a small man's version if you don't like the plunging neck line, but seriously - who the hell is complaining about it? If you don't like it - don't buy it! It's just a more fitting, flattering shirt. Many women would prefer to have a more fitted and better styled shirt to show their support, and like I said: if you don't like it then don't wear it!

    However... if it was for sports, if they had a team... then this is dumb. It is a piece of equipment, it's not a fashion item and therefore shouldn't need to expose more flesh than men.

  • Man United do not have a female team.

    • Great point - Misread coverage on net yesterday

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    • I agree - I thought it was sexist when I thought there was a womens team but as a fan option it is okay - I am a Utd fan myself but I am not going to pay a fortune for a replica kit I checked earlier on 85 euro for male shirt disgraceful.

    • Football shirts are total waste of money. Especially when teams seem to change their kits every season.

  • A shirt for girls that says Chevrolet. Now who the hell thinks that's offensive. Dan

    • Sorry you have lost me - Am I missing a reference

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