Do guys like it when girls throw themselves at them?

I really like this guy that I work with, however I have no idea if he likes me. I do believe that he thinks that I am pretty (enough to date I don't know) but I also believe that he thinks this other girl that we work with is pretty too. Every guy at my work likes this girl and I am worried that he likes her too and I really like him. This girl practically throws herself at every guy there (which could be why they like her). She loves the attention and always has to be around one or more of the guys. She's always flirting with all of them. She has a boyfriend but I feel like she likes my crush too. She's always throwing herself and flirting with my crush and I am worried he will like her more because she is acts this way. Throwing myself at guys and obvious flirting isn't really my thing. I just try to be myself, which is a bit more quiet and reserved than this girl and the guy also is this way. So guys, do you like when girls throw themselves at you like this girl? I don't know how to compete with this if she likes him too so I don't know what to do.

p. s. I would ask him out if I knew that he liked me but I don't so I am too scared to ask him out.


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  • I don't know about like it. I got so I didn't notice girls who didn't do it. Or more precisely it got to be so I assumed a girl who didn't initiate things wasn't at all interested. It didn't make me automatically interested in a girl. In fact it was frequently quite inconvenient having to dodge women at parties and the like.


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  • no one likes that.

    • that's what I thought but every guy at my work seems to like her and I don't know why.

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  • I love how you said you just try to be yourself. Seriously be how you are. I am kinda in a same situation as yours and I fail to understand the behavior of such girls. Though I do believe that although guys might like such type of women, it's temporary. Loving someone like that might be tough. Still this is how I feel. And since I am in the same dilemma I am also clueless