When you open the door for people, do you mostly:?

hold the door open and allow them to pass ahead of you? Or do you go in front of them while holding the door open?

I do both and I suppose it depends on if I'm in a rush. Most of the time I'm not, so I tend to let them go before me.

  • A) Hold the door open and let them pass.
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  • B) Go before them yet hold the door open.
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  • C) XD I don't hold doors open for people AT ALL!
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  • D) I do it in equal amounts.
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  • E) Other/I wanted to see results.
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  • I hold the door open and let them pass for women and people that need the help. Everyone else, I do what is necessary to be polite and no more, ie hold the door open and let them grab it as I move along etc.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Accidentally hit B, but I meant to pick D. I do A more than B.

  • I hold the door open, let them pass, then I go in behind them and close it.

  • I won't care and bolt through lol but if its people I know, Ill hold it open for em. guy or girl lol

    • Ugh... lol. I can't stand that type of behavior unless if someone's in a hurry. I do that and I send back a quick "Sorry", but I just wouldn't go in and not hold it open for someone else.

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    • Wow, you get douchier with each comment I see. 😗👍

    • @Bards Wow, I dont really care lol

  • I pretty much just bowl through and forget about other people.

    • *sigh* Completely forgot about not allowing Anonymous people to answer.

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    • It is. Pretty pathetic how many people go Anonymous for asinine reasons. But that's their choice. :P

    • Meh, it beats setting up a profile and searching for the approval of others, being gratified by followers and upvotes.

What Girls Said 1

  • I usually go in front of people while holding the door open... however if it's an elderly person I allow them to pass ahead :)