Do you think of your self as being either a bad person or a good person in your everyday life? Why?


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  • I always strive to be a good person and a gentleman at all times.

    Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.


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  • I'm pure evil.

    • Lol I don't fully believe that. Even an evil person has some good in them.

  • Mmmmm everyday I think I want to be better, I think I could be better, now I am just making a bunch of mistakes.

    • Nobody is perfect. I am glad that your striving to better everyday. When you think and do positive things good things will come from it.

  • I'm almost entirely good except this one thing.

    • That is very good that you are good. Nobody is perfect. So I bet that one thing can't be to bad.

  • a good person.


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  • I think of myself as a person not good or bad, though I do good things a majority of the time; to put parameters on someone as saying they are good or bad is completely subjectifying them.

  • I would consider myself a bad person tbh, i am a Machiavellian pyscopath
    Meaning i will try to exploit people fir my own good and i dont care about them or what will happen to them

    I dont enjoy social life that much in the first place, for me social stuff is a place to gain stuff, use the people so i get something from it that gets me ahead

    And the pyscopath part well... lets explain it This way, i couldn't give a shit when my grandpa was in the hospital with cancer and was annoyed when i had to visit him, when my mother was very sick i couldn't care that she was sick, i was annoyed i had to do some of her chores, ofc i pretend to care and ofc i did those things, but only to hide the fact that i dont care about them, but for now they provide me with a house food and Internet, so it better for me to pretend to care

    by the way pyscopath is someone who doesn't care for others, and a Machiavellian is someone who uses others for thier own gain
    I also have a great knowledge of people so i often find weak spots where i could hurt them a lot with
    I find it fun when i find out about these things, it gives you a sertain power over them

    So yhea overall id consider myself a bad person

    • Thanks for sharing your story.

    • No problem, loved to share it
      by the way im annon for clear reasons and its fun to tell people without being judged for it

    • Yeah thats true. people will judge. That's why I always allow anoyomous because I want everybody to share.