Sports people of history: who remembers Pat Cash?

I was talking to a guy younger than me who said he'd never heard of Pat Cash.
At first I thought it was a generational thing but then I realised that unless you're Australian you probably never heard of him and then I realised even then you may not have heard of him.

He was an alright player and did win 1 grand slam tournament but he was never a best of his generation type player like a Newcombe, a Mcenroe or a Federer but he was the kind of guy who stood out because of something unique. That unique thing was his black and white checkered head band.
Sports people of history: who remembers Pat Cash?
So have you heard of Pat Cash?

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Thought more people would remember him


Most Helpful Girl

  • I remembered him. The last i've heard in the tabloids is that he was with an Asian lady. I don't know much else about him. :P

    • Really? I didn't know that and I know heaps about him. I've read his book even.
      Can't remember what it's called though.

      But I remember he had a band with John McEnroe called full metal racquet instead of full metal jacket.
      Hilarious hey. Tennis humour.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, he did the tennis commentary on British TV for years, so he's pretty well known here. I believe his main claim to fame was being the first player to climb up into the crowd to find his family when he won Wimbledon (now they all do it).

    • Nice. Well done on being the only answerer to by the way. It's looking pretty good for you at the moment as far as MHO goes

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