I was just thinking about horoscopes and thought of something interesting. Anyone agree?

It seems to me like each triplicity of the elements carry within themselves the elements of fight or flight. By this I mean Offence, Defence, and Neutral. As you can guess the Cardinal signs being the Defensive signs, the fixed signs as offense and the mutable signs as neutral. Im a cancer. We are known for being defensive of our loved ones, hence the defensive aspect. Scorpio are the most feared and impulsive, being the offense type, while pisces being neutral. I was thinking about the fire signs and it seemed to relate to it as well. Aries being the Defensive type, Leo being the offensive type and Sag being neutral. Anyone agree with this? Was just thinking about this today


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  • Yes I agree.


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  • I don't pay attention to this stuff at all. It bears no meaning on our lives. But that's just my opinion.

    • Understandable, most of the people who talked about horoscopes were girls I've dated. I dont really follow/believe that stuff, but it being available is an interesting read

    • Well, if it helps, there is no correlation between the date of birth and the responding horoscopes. I don't care if anyone believes in it or uses it for fun, but what I'm saying is that sometimes the reason for, or for not believing in something is not just based on opinion. The reason you might not believe it can be based off of entirely facts alone. (just the tip) :P

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  • Fire elements - loud mouths

    Water elements - governs life by how their emotions

    Earth elements - materialistic and sensuality

    Air elements - they follow what the majority thinks and forgets after a day of remembering.


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  • I just think it's more fun and sometimes kind of spooky when you read your horoscope at the end of the day and see how much they correlate.