If women ruled the world all at the same time?

If women ruled the world all at the same time?
What would be :D


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  • Well, the west is already very gynocentric, so it's getting there. I don't think it's looking more harmonious than before.


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  • How could that work? Or do you mean they all have the same amount of control and men have none? Then, it's still hard to say what would be in general. But I know what it would be like for my man ;)

    • hmm interesting answer / thank you :)

    • To be a little more seriously. I agree with another answerer that female leadership is not better than men ruling the world. I think stereotypic "leader types" are not very pleasant characters. Both, men and women, can do much better.
      But less serious, in the bedroom, I have a clear preference.

    • i liked this answer!

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