Girls and boys is it possible for you to run in flip flops?

Say that your walking down the street and all of a sudden you encounter a building on fire. You see a little girl or boy screaming for your help on the second floor window. Since your walking down the street in summertime, your wearing anything appropriate for the summer even flip flops. Can you run in flip flops. Also how would you save him or her and how?

  • Save him or her keeping your flip flops on. I can run with flip flops
    60% (6)50% (1)58% (7)Vote
  • Kick off your flip flops just to save him or her because I can't run in them
    40% (4)0% (0)33% (4)Vote
  • Decline, sorry little girl or boy can help you. I'm wearing flip flops. Stop drop and roll
    0% (0)50% (1)9% (1)Vote
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  • Obviously. Lots of kids run in flip flop (including me back then) from where I'm from.. But the flip flops will disintegrate.

  • fire and flip flops !! dude they are going to melt XD i vote B