How can I meet guys?

Hi y'all! I'm going into an all girls private school but across the street is an all boys school. Some classes like French mix. Brunches, dances , lunches, and other school events mix as well. Freshmen year though you are only with girls unless you get French or art class. I don't have either of those classes :/ So my question is how do I meet boys? Should I just walk up to them in the lunch line at the boys school? I'm not boy shy, but I don't want to look desperate either. Thanks


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  • Ask you're brother to introduce you to his friends if you have one, if not then in classes that you need a partner try to get a boy partner, that's how I met my girlfriend I ask if i could sit next to her in lab.

    • I have no classes with boys

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    • Haha I'll try. Thanks (:

    • Yeah, no problem anytime

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  • Wew If I was at your school, I woud have missed out. I like their company better.
    Talk to them during the mixed classes


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  • Just do what ever that completes your goal. Who cares if people think your desperate by how you do it? It won't hurt you. Just do it how YOU want (that doesn't harm anyone in any way)

  • Be bold. Find guy who looks horny. Ask if he wants a bj. He says really? Yolo. Enjoy.


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