Which would you rather have your kids turn out as, socially awkward genius or a really dumb person who can relate to people just enough to fit in?

The genius becomes rich and successful do to their smarts but socially doesn't communicate or fit in well. Theyre on a different level with interests even with nerds. So they dont have friends and will be lucky to find a date.

the dumb person is really dumb, with minor social skills, they can communicate and relate to some people at least. People look at him/her as a complete idiot or borderline retarted, but theyre technically not retarted. They have small group of friends and can actually find a date but the date would have to be as bad socially as they are, thus why they can relate to each other. The dumb person will work a minimum wage job for their life.

  • The awkward genius with no friends and little dating opportunities
    67% (8)88% (7)75% (15)Vote
  • The really dumb one who at least has some people they can relate to and date
    33% (4)12% (1)25% (5)Vote
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  • The genius.


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  • Genius, they can always adapt.


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