So basically I have 2 insecurities, my height and my face lol?

How do I get rid of them?


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  • you just gotta get over it! jsut bc you dont' like it doesn't mean other people won't. u probably look much better than what you think you look like. also if you feel good about yourself you will carry yourelf differently and be much more attractive. you are stuck with what you got, so just embrace it and love it :)


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  • Too tall? Too short? What's wrong with your face?

    • 5'9'' and average joe face, which means no girls till i am at least 30

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    • then you must be really good looking I guess

    • To some girls I'm not. To others I am. Same with your face.

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  • Same here, I just try not to think about it and hope the right guy finds it attractive eventually

    • wouldn't it affect it you that he would still be drooling on the pretty girls, i would be pissed knowing my girl fantasizes about the better looking guys and makes it obvious to me they are better than me

    • If he's doing that then he probably isn't the right guy for me. And if a girl that does that to you, she more than likely isn't right for you either. That's not love if the other is constantly lusting over other people.

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  • You can get rid of your legs to fix your height, and there's many things for a face, acid, fire, shotgun, etc. Or you can accept yourself and be comfortable with who you are and enjoy the good aspects of it, but thatd be crazy.

  • gets lifts for your shoes and buy a Hollywood quality latex mask