Are lawyers the most HONEST people?

Lawyers never lie!

For those of you who don't know:

They don't lie. They get disbarred if they're shown to have lied
What they do do is theorize, cast doubt, insinuate, and mislead.


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  • Yay. Troll Day...

    • Not trolling.

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    • Yeah you're right but to be fair the moment he was arrested for first-degree murder, he was never going to practice law again. I read up on the story apparently he poisoned toothpaste and one of his kids used it by accident what the hell is wrong with this guy.

    • Yeah.. I dunno... He's a LAWYER... HAhahahahahahahahahahahahaha ;)

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  • Sometimes they do bad things.

    • True like any other profession lol
      Is this the 1st time you put your picture up? You have really nice eyes :)

    • Nope, not the first time..
      And these are contact lens, my eyes are dark as Hell :D

    • Oh lol I guess I just noticed it now :P
      Haha I still like the shape of your eyes so my compliment is still valid lol :D

  • Hah,, hahahahahah... HAHHAH

    • O. o Not funny madam

    • well, they definitely do anything to win the case. maybe they don't lie, but what you said up there definitely seems true ^^

    • They do everything and anything to win as long as it's legal and doesn't lead to perjury.

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    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • It's the truth toadster!

  • Never lie?

    I'd hate to be a Lawyer, Most of them know with 100% certainty that the person they are defending is guilty of that crime, Yet they have to pull an argument out of their arse to defend the contrary.

    Whilst i wouldn't say they lie, They do drastically bend and deviate the truth.

    • They don't lie, just mislead by casting reasonable doubt.

  • I'm pretty sure that being a lawyer is on the list of favourite jobs for people with anti-social personality disorder. So, no lol.

    • Anti-social people wouldn't take a job where they most openly debate in court and impress the judge and jury so what you said isn't really factual.

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    • Apparently YOU don't know that anti-social isn't the word for being reserved, shy (asocial)

    • You're right, my mistake.

  • Well, Only if you pay them, No on is 100% HONEST!
    They be honest for money. This world full of liers😉

    • Well it's job lol of course you have to pay them like any other job

    • They also lied for thier owner. Because they must help them win the case

    • They help them win the case by misleading and casting doubt not "actually" lying.

  • Lol no they're some of the most corrupt people out there, especially criminal ones who stick up for peds.

    • They have a legal obligation to help their clients no matter way.
      It's like a doctor operating on a pedo.. is he also corrupt?

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    • So a lawyer should risk losing his job for a pedophile? What world are you living in?

    • If the money is right some will do it.

  • As they say "Why don't sharks eat lawyers?" answer: "professional courtesy."

  • Lawyer or something else it doesn't matter. Everyone can lie easily for earn more money

    • Not if they risk being disbarred and losing their job. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but still very rare.