Why does she want everyone to like her so bad?

my friend, she's got a ton of money, well her parents do. and she spends it all on makeup and outfits she says she finds on tumblr or pinterest. she spends an hour on her makeup and constantly talks about wishing she had a ton of friends or that she was with the "cool kids". she always points out every single guy she finds hot and calls out the not so cute guys. when we go out she puts so much thought into her outfit saying stuff like "no i can't wear that cuz it'll clash with that.." and she doesn't like to be around people that dont look good because she says someone is going to think she is with them. and yesterday when she walked me home she called out " this was so much fun I LOVE YOU... bestie" then texted me that she had to add that because she didn't want the guys near by to think she was a lesbian. and she dances in public to the music and it looks so stupid! she says "people will think im easy going if i move to the beat, do it with me so i dont look weird" ugh why?


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  • she's gets no attention from her parents, so she needs to get it somewhere else. She's super insecure and lacks confidence and self esteem. She's gonna get used soooo much in her life if she doesn't change... I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up being a future teen mom, cause I bet she'll give in whenever a guy asks her to have sex, as long as he's hot and she looks cool, she'll do it.
    Poor girl, I can't imagine how sad would be to be insude her mind :(


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  • From my point of view your friend is just a bother she is just stressing you out with her negative aura