How much does a destrier go for these days?

I'm looking to take up horseriding as a hobby and would like to get my own destrier, but how much does one go for?


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  • Don't get a horse, just because you wanna start horse riding. You don't buy a theme park if you wanna go on a roller coaster either.
    Get some lessons are try other peoples horses, before you decide on buying your own. Horses are expensive and will take up a lot of your time, you need to love it to be happy about that. Otherwise you'll just end up with no money and some poor horse, who's owner doesn't know shit about what he is doing, and wants to sell it.

    Think before you buy.

    To answer the actual question, it depends on the individual horse. If you don't even know this, then you're not ready for a horse.


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  • by "how much" u mean how much does it cost? how much fast it runs?


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  • You may want to take lessons first on school horses. Unless of course, you have $30000 in initial costs lying around.


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