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On the 22 of last month I got a chemical burn in my eye (it was industrial strength dish fluid that contained bleach and some kind of acid) well it went almost a week with nothing wrong with it. I went to the ocean and got salt and stuff in my eyes and it was still fine no irritation no nothing! I worked maybe 2 days with my eye feeling perfectly fine, but then that morning after I couldnt open my eye. I went to the hospital the day it happened and they told me it was perfectly fine and that there was nothing wrong with it. Well on the day it got real irritated which is now a little over a week ago, I thought maybe it was the result of staying up too late. so that night I went to bed early thinking my eyes just exhasted it just needs a little rest. WRONG! It STILL hurts almost 2 weeks later and I have gone back and forth to my eye Dr. who is also an eye surgen. She told me that it was a delayed reaction and gave me dialating drops (to numb the eye) and another bottle of drops with a milky color to it. She said to use it every 2 hrs but even though Im using both drops its not really helping. It seems to be taking away the redness but not by much. And when she went to take a look in my eye she said she couldnt even see into it because it was like looking through a shower certain and did an MRI. Can anyone suggest a natural way/solution to help out the eye that will help along with the drops? Thanks :)


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  • Jeeez... it made me squirm just reading through this. I have a strong visual disability and I protect the tiny rest of sight I have left (and thus my eyes) like it was the king's crown jewels. Most people unfortunately don't realize how sensitive your eyes are (even if you don't have any visual disabilities). If you know a lot about the eyes as I do (because I had to deal with this since I am a baby), you know that the eyes are both extremely complex and extremely delicate in their design. They're a thousand times more delicate and sensitive than a guy's balls or any other body part that is considered particularly sensitive. The tissue in your eyes is very thin and because there is so much stuff on such little space, even a few drops of acid can have a devastating effect. Though I'm not a doctor myself, I can tell you with almost-certainty that you can't find a home remedy for this kind of thing. There are no simple solutions or home remedies for eye problems or accidents related to your eyes (which is why losing one's vision was a huge fear of people until quite recently (19th century or so) and why still today, people in poor countries struggle a lot with health problems related to their eyes). In my opinion, people should take much more care of their eyes and protect them like a little baby. I don't mean to scare you but I just feel really bad for you... it's so not worth losing part of your sight over such an accident (there's a reason they have these special eye rinsing stations in every lab). And if a doctor says "I can't even see through your eye, it looks like looking through a shower curtain" that should definitely let the alarm bells go off. It would have helped if she had been more specific however what part of the eye is affected. You can only hope that only your cornea is injured.
    If I was you, I would definitely get a second and maybe even a third opinion from other eye doctors. And you should make them explain to you in detail what it looks like, what part of the eye is affected and what this means for your future (visually/medically speaking).
    The problem with chemical burns is that you can do very little about it as far as I know. It's not a viral infection, so antibiotics won't help a great deal. Keeping the eye wet is important and it will make you feel better but it can't actually counteract the injury. What they should give you in my opinion (again, I'm not a doc) is an eye ointment with vitamin A or E. I have something like that.

    • Thanks Ill keep that in mind I have another appointment on the 12 with another eye Dr. so hopefully they might help everything get all cleared up.

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  • Clean it with cold water often


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  • Keep doing what your doctor is telling you. If things get really bad, try to get referred to a different doctor with more experience in chemical burns.

  • I would go see an optometrist.