Doncaster Vs Bury - Is good sportsmanship really worth losing 2 league points for?

A bizarre turn events at the football/soccer match yesterday between Doncaster and Bury. In the final minute of a 0-0 match, a Doncaster player was down injured, Bury kicked the ball out of play. When the player was treated as is custom Doncaster took a throw in and when the Doncaster kicked the ball back to the Bury keeper it bounced before the keeper, over his head into the goal meaning that Doncaster were now winning 1-0, on the way to a 3 point win. The Bury players looked to refereee for guidance but he couldn't do anything, no rules had been broken. Eventually Paul Dickov the Doncaster ordered his players to allow Bury to walk the ball into the goal for an equaliser much to many home fans' annoyance. The match ended in a 1-1 draw giving them both a point each.

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  • Fans were right to complain - Crap happens - Take points
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  • it's nice to see footballers with good sportsmanship for once. how refreshing


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  • I would beproud if my team did what Doncaster did. And my team never wins anything.


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