Girls, When you like a guy and hanged out with him once before? And you have his number?

Would you contact him to hang out or date with him? How often would you do it? And how would you do it?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Sure I would.
    I'd feel bad if he said no, though.

    You never said anything about him liking 'me' in this scenario, so if he only liked me in a friendly fashion I'd ask him out in that fashion. If he liked me more than that - as I like him presumably from your question, then I would just ask him clearly on a date.

  • I'd call to try to see him again, especially if I had his contact info and he didn't have mine. But I wouldn't try twice if he turned me down once. I'd just think about what we'd done before - what we both seem to enjoy doing - and I'd find something like that to suggest we do in the future.