Why does everything go wrong for me?

Everytime I like someone and all my friends think he likes me back, he ends up dating someone else. Even my guy friends have seen and they think the guys I like may have a thing for me and out of nowhere, they start dating someone else. It sucks. It sucks big time.

I don't know what I am doing wrong. People who talk to me say they love me. And I'm so sweet and all this crap. I get told I have a great smile and that I'm so cute and pretty. I get told I'm smart and funny. I'm going to school to be an engineer. I work. My coworkers make me feel like I am valued. Well some of them. People think highly of me, I guess. I'm not that bad of a person.

I'm 23 and have never dated. When I was younger I was really shy. Now, as a salesperson, I learned to talk more. But maybe it's not enough. A guy I liked claimed to have liked me but he ended up getting a girlfriend. I later found out, by him that he thought I didn't want him. And so I moved on to someone else. My friends think he likes me because he's always picking on me. They say we are like 5 year olds. But the other day, this girl came to our job and he bought her something. He asked me to ring him up. I kind of assumed that was his girlfriend. I know he was single but I guess he also found someone else like the other guy.

My friends tell me to raise my standards. These guys werent terrible. They work. Theyre really nice. Especially the second one. I didn't know he would do things for me if I asked. But they don't like what I like. The second guy gets my sarcasm. He has a dark sense of humor We like some of the same music. Theyre just not in college. I don't care though. Theyre good guys. Well, the second one mostly. It's just that these guys aren't passionate about what I'm into. I like animals and i don't think these guys do. They questioned my vegetarianism which I hate. I didn't put them down for eating meat. I don't care.

But I don't know if thats why things neve


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  • you should like a cool person, things will get better. relationships don't really matter that much, although you love being in them, just because a guy doesn't like you back isn't the end of the world you still have years to find the *perfect* guy. I wish you good luck. :P


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  • Perhaps you're not being flirty enough? Like the guy thought you didn't want him so he went on to someone else. Maybe you're not being clear enough about how you feel about the guys. How about trying to ask a guy out next time? Also you may need more 1 on 1 dates, ask them out for dinner or something like that. Showing "romantic" interest is key if you want to start a relationship.

  • things will get better.