Honey and water for hair?

So I just have a bottle of honey, and some water. Will this do anything to my hair? Will it make it grow? I did put in an olive oil conditioner earlier, and massaged that into my hair, then i pulled my hair over to the side of my bed (where i was upside down) and massaged my scalp so that blood would rush to my hair and promote growth. (I was bored, so I did that) What will it do? Is it safe?


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  • Honey makes hair go white by what i have studied online...:/

    • Welp, looks like I'm not doing that!

    • Haha just check it out online..! plus I have a friend whose hair went white when honey fell on his hair...

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  • Honey? You need to really mix that with something other then water or you will have a mess on your hands


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  • I have a beer, that's good for your hair.


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