What kind of pet would be good for a young man to have?

I dont want a dog or a cat yet until im much older. But i want some kind of a pet to look after. I wanted to get a parrot but they are too damm expensive so im looking at some of the smaller breeds and cheaper members of the parrot family. Im alo looking at guinea pigs and chinchilas. Im not usually at home 24/7 with work and uni so i would like for it to be a little bit independent.


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  • rats... very cheap and low maintenance.

    my roommate had two rats and they were the cutest things. they just sleep and snuggle together most of the time. one was really friendly and loved to be held and the other one just wanted to explore all the time and never stayed still haha. they were only let out on the couch though.


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  • I think you need a cat. They are self sufficient for longer periods if you get delayed. Look at several and find one that's active and affectionate.


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  • Pick something out of the rodent family

  • A Bunny rabbit.

    • was thinking of that but they would need food constantly and i won't be at home 24/7 so if they run out of food, then they're screwed

    • No get one of those huge weekend dog food feeders and a watered and your good.

  • A fish sounds perfect for you

    • hate fishes. they're boring. I want one that at least when i come home, i would at least be able to touch it or carry it

    • I don't think you have time for a real pet

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